We heard with heavy hearts the news of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, after a reign of more than 70 years.

On behalf of the BCBAC Board and members, we offer our deepest condolences to the Royal Family and as well as to everyone in her service. It is the passing of an era.

All our encouraging thoughts and best wishes are with all levels of government both in Canada, the UK and the Commonwealth, as they navigate the myriad of protocols and activities that must now ensue.

For those who wish to watch and/or participate in the activities, here is a helpful link to The Guardian media outlet that spells out all that will be happening over the next 10 days of official mourning:


Another link with a more Canadian slant with links to other related stories is here from CBC News:

And also, we must not forget that it is also the heralding of a new one with Charles as King – a new monarch with very few remaining who remember any monarch other then Queen Elizabeth II…

God Save The King!

Victoria Bradbury
Chair, BCBAC

Queen Elizabeth II arrives for Canada Day in 2010

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